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Hire the best talent for your organization

Partner with us to leverage job simulations that refine the recruitment and onboarding process, enabling you to efficiently identify and integrate top talent into your organization.

Premier Talent Access

Tap into an elite talent pool from Africa's foremost universities, who've proven their skills through simulations that mirror real-world challenges in your industry.

Streamlined Onboarding

Reduce the time and resources spent on onboarding with our pre-evaluated candidates, who have demonstrated proficiency in scenarios akin to your business environment.

Seamless Integration

Ensure a smooth transition for candidates from simulated job environments to full-time positions, boosting early productivity and ensuring a perfect match for your team's needs.

What We Offer YouWe deliver exceptional value through innovative solutions that seamlessly connect employers with top-tier talent, ensuring efficient onboarding and perfect job matches.



Free /forever

Post 1 application for free.

Review 70 applications.

Basic filtering.


$250 /year

Post 3 applications in a year.

Review unlimited applications.

1 simulation design.

1 assisted shortlisting.

1 admin access.


$1200 /year

Post 10 applications in a year.

3 assisted shortlisting.

AI-assisted grading.

Custom simulation design.

Dedicated account manager.

5 admin accounts.


Contact Sales /

Post unlimited applications.

More admin access.

API integration.

Advanced data analysis.

Advanced AI filtering tools.

Comprehensive reporting.

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